Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hiroshima of the Chemical Industry

I think many wont be able to guess what Hiroshima of the Chemical Industry refers to.Its the Bhopal Gas Tragedy,one of the worst industrial disasters in history.On December 3,1984,poisonous gas(Methyl Isocyanate)leaked from Union Carbide India Limited(UCIL’s)pesticide plant in Bhopal,killing thousands of people.According to hospital and rehabilitation records,its estimated that about 20,000 people died and about 5.7 lakhs suffered.People who breathed the poisonous gas suffered a horrible death with multiple organ failure and those who survived have multiple diseases(partial or complete blindness,gastrointestinal disorders,impaired immune systems,post traumatic stress disorders,etc.) even after 25 years of this nightmare.The consequences of this tragic event is endless.A rise in spontaneous abortions,stillbirths,and offspring with genetic defects(means the children of the survirors also suffered even though they were not yet born at that time) was also noted.Such was the effect of the industrial massacre that its jolt persisted till now and unfortunately will continue for some years to come as well.

Although a quarter of a century has passed,the victims are still searching for justice and truth.The accident can be termed as a “process” rather than an “event” because there seems to be no end to the ordeal of the victims.An organization of victims has condemned the government for pushing to incinerate toxic wastes from the closed pesticide despite the recommendations of experts.Moreover the details on the extradition of Warren Anderson(then Chairman of Union Carbide Corporation)portray a bleak picture.It is hardly shocking that the U.S refuses to extradite Mr.Anderson using dubious legal loopholes.It is an an irony to see that the U.S is pressuring Pakisthan to act against those responsible for the Mumbai attack(26/11),while giving a deaf ear to India’s request for Mr.Anderson’s extradition.Even assuming for a moment that he is extradited,punishment,if any, is most unlikely to be pronounced in his lifetime because in India,trials proceed at snail’s pace. And its disheartening to note that government as well as people giving more importance to the investigation and victims of 26/11 Mumbai attacks than the Bhopal victims.The reasons are crystal clear.Firstly,the victims in the Mumbai attack were rich people and tourist.Secondly,media’s role in depicting the terror caused by live telecasting(something which was not possible for the latter’s case).Concerts are held in the memory of deceased victims of 26/11 while neglecting the Bhopal victims.

The elite class always escape from the arms of law without even a case filed against them for the most heinous crime.When our own people here have the means and to escape,to even think about a foreign investor will be brought to justice is absurd.The world is run by money-launderers,unethical businessmen and greedy politicians.The poor class can only dream of justice.The utter lack of sympathy for the Bhopal gas victims by successive governments leaves one wondering whether there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel.Its a classic case of “justice delayed is justice denied”(which is not a new experience in India).


  1. Brilliant potrayal of the feelings of the BGT victims here. I loved the last paragraph. How candid and truthful!!

    You have really put some great effort there dear. Kudos to you and keep blogging. Would like to see more such thought-provoking writings :)

  2. luv u yaar nd luv ur words hope dose bloody politicians cud learn sumthing frm dis.....long live d future is in our hands v'll surely do sumthing 4 our motherland...

  3. I am having really high expectations from you after such a good start to blogging.......

  4. @Ispita&Prasannajeet : Thanks,I'll try to live up to your expectations.