Saturday, October 29, 2011

Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!

Beauty is not just in the face, it also lies in hair. A woman loves everything about herself (no wonder, she does openly or secretly). Her family, her working place, her clothes, her hair---even her haircuts. No matter how silly the appreciation is for her hair: good hair, lovely hair, cool haircut, and pretty strands….women love hearing the praises about their hair. And surprisingly also look keenly the hair quality or haircut of other women.  

Every woman has her own hair journey starting from the time she is a young girl when her hair was taken care of by her mom. She loves her hair so much that most of the time of personal care is spent in managing and giving attention to hair. The more attention and care the hair gets, the more it shines and looks beautiful. Beautiful hair makes even the plainest woman instantly more attractive. She spends a huge chunk of money in a year on shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, highlights, trims, perms and hair accessories for the pleasure it gives us to make a part of ourselves as beautiful as possible.

I am reminded of the video that touched the hearts of so many women who know what a big and well, hairy deal hair is: A muppet singing a relatively simple song that it loves her hair.

I am no exception either, I love my hair too. And the WOW hair moment for me is just after every haircut!! Because it makes me look and feel so new and different each time which I love and also the appreciations which come later.

We, the feminine group do love our hair and in turn, our hair loves us back by adding to our beauty.But according to a survey conducted, only 60% of women are happy with their hair. To them a suggestion: Just love what you've got on top, make the world aware that you love your hair and your hair will love you back. True beauty is not in the face; it is a light in the heart.

(P.S. Finally I am out of the writer’s block, thanks to the contest on Indiblogger. This blogpost is my entry as a Dove fan.)


  1. Oh writer's block! I have been thru it.
    True, haircuts make us feel very good, esp for the next few days! I go for a haircut whenever I feel very low / recover from viral... makes me feel better and fresh.

    Do check out my The Hair and the Tortoise post for the same Dove contest.

    C ya arnd!

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