Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A perfect partner

My day starts with snoozing the alarm five times before ‘actually’ waking up, reading mails and news before having a short breakfast, listening to music and getting ready for office. On the way to office read some articles, check some social media sites and reply to mail/messages while the entire day is jammed with meetings and writing notes or presenting. And doze off watching a series/movie or may be listening to soothing music.

Using a laptop would be cumbersome in the morning just after you wake up and hurry to go office. If I have a chance I could be easily using Yoga tablet in stand mode in kitchen while hurrying for breakfast before office. While stressing to read and reply to mails on the way to office, Yoga tablet in tilt mode could be more comfortable to work with.  I can use tilt mode while making notes or presentations in office and hold mode for reading or browsing. Back at home playing Real Racing game using tilt mode and stand mode to watch my favorite series or a movie in Yoga tablet, is a better way of course!

I would expect my ideal tablet to have a complete one day of  battery life- a solid 24 hours of usage on a single charge, that would help to use it a couple of days without hitting the charger. That’s when I can use it without hesitation while on a trip. Listening to music (stored or streaming from the cloud) from my ideal tablet would require stereo speakers with decent audio playback just enough to play my imaginary guitar. My ideal tablet needs a screen with retina-display technology making text crispy to larger extent (as reading is a common usage) eliminating eye strain. How about 256 GB of internal storage (of course, with memory card slot to add more when needed)? Although I would do my share of keeping things in the cloud, but I want the option of stashing lots of music and video. A decent 12MP rear camera and 5MP of front camera for video calling to send great video quality would definitely elate my callers on the other side. As life is moving in accelerating speed, so I do expect my ideal tablet to have high-speed data transfer with other devices using Thunderbolt or FireWire technology.

As my wish list continues for features to be added to my ideal tablet, how about making tablets compatible for coding as well? Already we see Microsoft office and Iwork in tablets working fine for business purpose.

I wish someone makes a tablet that provides intelligent help to perform my office and home work. And give a local search engine that scans across my apartment to locate the object I am looking for and I can save my precious time and effort. Perfect tablet would never be built that satisfies everyone, there would   always be a section of customers wanting more based on their whims!

(P.S. This blog post is for Indiblogger contest Better way.)


  1. This is hilarious "And give a local search engine that scans across my apartment to locate the object I am looking for" :D :D :D Best of luck for the contest :)

  2. Good one :) All the best for the contest :)

  3. Good one :) All the best for the contest :)

  4. This is because everybody target for 80% consumer needs and don't care on another 20% of consumer needs.