Saturday, November 8, 2014

Take care

Every home is lighted up with the happiness children bring to the entire family. Their energy, naughtiness, innocence and love integrate perfectly to be the bundle of joy in home. They provide hope to live and hope to grow. Their growth creates an atmosphere of growth for the home as well. All the parents would definitely agree to the fact that watching the kids grow is very enthralling and gratifying.

It’s exciting to see them take each step forward. And it’s the parental responsibility to provide the best education, culture and health conducive for their growth physically and mentally. While the children these days are feeling the heat to excel in academics to catch up with the competitive world, the nutritional support required should not be ignored by the parents. The key element to propel excellence in all the fields is a healthy diet and lifestyle. In the world we live in where our delicate children are exposed to more pollution, plenty of junk food and excessive stress level, parents need to handpick each activity for their children to lead life healthily.

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Right from the fetal growth till children reach adulthood, parents need to take extra care in each step- vaccination, periodical checkup, child care policy, home medication, medical contacts, emergency caregivers and most importantly healthy food habits. Life of working parents has become too difficult to balance between work and family. Juggling between client appointments and quality family time, the modern parents usually get panic when the children get sick. But the right perspective can make a sea difference. Instead of seeing it as a problem, parents can look at it as an opportunity to re-bond and restart.

The house would seem to be in miserable condition lacking the usual laughter, naughtiness and bustle when the apple of your eye is sick. You have to reject the option of getting disheartened and do not make the other members of the family feel anxious or ignored. While the medication is going on for the sickness, extended story time coupled with snuggling could really have an impact. Prepare their favorite food to cheer up the mood while keeping in mind the health status could help as well.

As prevention is better than cure, it’s better to have an eye on your children’s diet. No matter how busy you are, take a moment to pay attention what nutrients are reaching or not reaching their body. Offer them a plethora of choices and make sure you prepare their favorite food with high nutritional value. Get a habit of knowing their activities that increase their stress level and plan out a break-free schedule to rejuvenate. They are not just the carriers of your family legacy; they are also the future of the nation. By taking care of their growth you take care of the nation’s growth.

To the loving parents, keep pampering your children but in the same time make sure they get the right amount of nutrition and immunity to fight back illness!

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