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Well, the first thing which caught my attention when I thought of writing this blogpost is Mark Twain’s quote “Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.”  But hey! I am no philosopher or writer to write some great stuff about life…I just want to express what I feel regarding this small word LIFE (yet encompassing one’s whole lifetime) from my past experience of two decades (Oh yeah…it feels great to be in 20’s!!).

For many of us, life is not a fairy tale. You just can’t wait for a genie to fulfil all your wishes (ironically, my last Facebook status was that only). In reality, it takes a mammoth amount of efforts and perseverance to fructify just an iota of SUCCESS. All the hurdles faced in the lifetime is actually rewardful at the end because you would know the real taste of success only if you had suffered as a part of the quest. But remember success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principles no matter how you have to endure hardships.

When something right or wrong happens to you, you blindly say its just DESTINY but never agree to the fact that what happened is just the consequences of your own actions. And if its destiny, then destiny too smiles on only those who’ve given ample dedication to their work. You simply can’t sit with your legs crossed and wait for golden eggs. Nothing comes so easy. The rate of achievement is directly proportional to the rate of efforts put in (This law does not exist in any subjects, I just think that way). But wait….I know many of you must be wondering about negligible yet significant factor called LUCK. When this factor is favourable, you get high rewards and when unfavourable, you fail……but I bet, you read “Fooled by Randomness” and you will be convinced that such a hypothetical factor does not exist. Without effort and preparation lucky coincidences don’t happen. All your results sheerly depend on your past actions.

Sometimes when life plays a prank on you and you are shattered by the failures, only a few people make an attempt to resurrect and fight back while most of the people are deemed to be doomed. But why don’t all understand that their chance of success lies in the trials only. Its only when the conditions seem worser, a strongly determined person’ll not quit because the HOPE (the last thing that dies in man) in him keeps him moving ahead to chase his dreams by overcoming all the failures. When the world says give up, hope whispers try it one more time.

Sometimes life gives a feeling like being in paradise (happy moments) and sometimes like being in hell (sad moments) and you say Life sucks!! Well, ups and downs make the road to the destination, we all know. In our whole lifetime what values most is the valuable time spent with others (parents, siblings, friends, relatives, etc.) and not being too selfish by cramming ‘I’, ‘me’,  ‘myself’, ‘mine’, etc. Life’s too short to live, your birth won’t make a slightest difference to the entire world (for some great personalities, it’s an exception) but you can make a difference for the people around you not for the sake of fame/recognition but just because you CARE. It would neither cost you a million bucks nor a lifetime….just simple gestures, kind words and a helping hand will work as MAGIC!!  And that’s the BEAUTY of life apart from feeling the ecstasy of spring, warmth of summer, chillness of rains, quite charm of autumn and calm of winter.

You can also leave a trail behind when you live in to an eternal hope, love and God and letting others live by your virtues. The true measure of life is not how long you live, but how well you live in peace and harmony….a life that’s short, simple and satisfied rather than an endless craving for money, fame, pleasure, pride (things that are ephemeral).

Realise the time value of life........Explore. Dream. Discover!!!

(P.S. LIFE and the related terms are defined and understood by different people differently. The above written stuff is my perspective.)


  1. gud wid all u'r poetic sense n feelings u hav elaborated.....

  2. yes true and i liked your perspective.

  3. wow swap........this was so so amazing........i just loved it.........:) :) :) :)

  4. Beneficent attempt 2 demonstrate the perception of life with optimism....!!

  5. GUD MADAM......
    GR8 JOB....

  6. I dont blv in luck...just make it.
    We should hav a helping hand to make our lyf beautiful.
    Nice thoughts...keep it up