Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shall WE change?

I came across something pretty obvious. It’s something we all know but something we do not really talk about. Well, it’s not like we haven’t been doing that for age; it’s a natural tendency to blame someone else for just about everything. At some point or other, you must have said to yourself, “How come that person be so rude?” or “Why don’t he/she understand my views?” or “How come they say such a thing?” or “Why I am the one who always gets hurt?” Even I have said things like that several times. We often react this way because our emotions are a part of most people’s innate thoughts & behaviours…we respond emotionally to emotional needs of our own, rather than in a logical, rational manner.

It’s ridiculous when people spend inordinate amounts of time and energy being upset, angry or frustrated by other people’s thoughts & behaviours. We don’t think pragmatically about it when we have an emotional reaction to someone else’s behaviour or words. Why should we (by default) believe we can change another person’s (an independent, thinking self just like us) behaviours and thoughts with just a few choice words? (If we think about it for a minute…it sounds kinda ludicrous)  One of life’s hardest lessons is just change yourself, if you can’t change the world.

So what exactly am I talking about? For those wondering if I am speaking sense at all or wondering if I’m sane…let me make this simple. We get up and wonder that something is wrong. Something is wrong with system…something is wrong with the people around us…something is wrong with the country…something is wrong with our lives…something is wrong with the world…basically most things don’t seem right and we just aren’t able to do anything about it. Pardon me if I seem pessimistic. It is we who are the problem. It is us where the issues begin. Each day it’s we who decide how things happen. The world would be a better place if WE decide to take action and change accordingly…we are the one who can change things.People looking for a solution must realize that the solution to all their problems lies in themselves.The moment we  discover that within ourselves, things will change.

If we can change about the way we live our life, then it’s very easy to deal with an external change. We can’t expect the whole world to change the way we want. We must be the change we want to see in the world. In simple words, all it takes is a bit of flexibility and a force to think or act differently. It’s always easier to change our own self-image, values and behaviour( rather than someone else’s). A change from within is the smoothest and most effective way for improving the way we perceive the eccentric world (because a person thinks that everyone except him is weird in one way or the other).

When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world. But now, I discovered the world would not change, my country  wont  change either. Neither I can change my family nor my friends. All I can  do  is  change  myself  first. I guess I’ve just realized something really important.  Realization is one thing, doing it is what actually matters…

(P.S. CHANGE is the word that I have been hearing these days from my colleagues. Yeah! Someone has already changed, someone is trying to change, someone is changing, someone wants to change, etc. And I thought, why not write something about this ‘change’.)


  1. Well written. You have put a good amount of pondering into it. Liked it

  2. Well........,your view with regard to "CHANGE" is truly benificent and good approach to make everyone aware to cope up with many inconvenience in social life..
    completely interesting.

  3. i remembered my college days while reading your blog.Well written. nice1 .Its very painful when people forgotten the helping hand of one and they changed .but its life ok…. koee bhi eensaan bura nahi hota hai uska tym hi bura hota hai...its my past Two years…. I learnt many things…. Now when I look back I feel….the changes… It’s the similar feeling I had when I graduated two years back… how time changes and how life keeps on moving without a pause…. People come… people go…. We laugh we cry…. Some really low moments…. Some really high…. Life is so beautiful in its own way….